About Us  


“…quality homes… not just holiday houses…”


These two companies form the property development arms of the Group, offering high quality homes for both holiday and permanent accommodation.

The Group concentrates in offering good opportunities for homebuyers and property investors, by offering such quality and finishes that competitors would offer at much higher prices, while securing that the resale value of the property will be increasing at a higher rate than the average growth rate of the property market.

Exclusive properties of the Group are in such a way designed to give the property investors/owners, the opportunity to have an income by subletting parts of the house such as studios or basements which are fully furbished with separate and private entrances, while using the main house themselves.  

The aim is to offer homes with natural high-standard materials were the owner would feel at home, enjoy quality life all year round and not just own a summer holiday house.

The theme of the projects on offer is “Wood & Stone”.

Danish wooden parquet, Italian kitchens, wardrobes and internal wooden doors, Swedish wooden ceilings, fences and pergolas, German uPVC external windows and doors in wooden effect, irrocco wooden deck on verandahs and around jacuzzi fitted swimming pools, Greek Karysto stone floors, stone-covered fireplaces and barbeques, village type stone-textured boundary walls, give life to our theme.

These combined with climate control air conditioning systems, with hot and cold air supply and electric under-floor heating systems make our homes enjoyable all year round.