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Useful information on buying property in Cyprus is given in the separate leaflet.

Here we will concentrate on several issues concerning buying property from ZEBRA GROUP.

The Group has appointed reputable firms of lawyers and accountants in the UK, Norway and Cyprus to cater for the needs of its customers, able to answer any questions concerning contracts, taxation and in general buying property abroad.

Our Bankers, not only guarantee the delivery of the final property deed in the name of the buyer once the title deed is issued, but are also in the disposal of our customers for a presentation concerning the various financial schemes and facilities they offer.

Talking about title deeds, it is important to note that our Group is following a simple procedure to safeguard the interests of the customer.

A homebuyer has the right to pay a reservation fee of a minimal amount of Ä5.000 in order to secure the price of the property and make sure that the particular property cannot be sold to another customer.† The customer has one month to make the necessary financial arrangements to meet the advanced payment deposit (30% of the contract value) and sign a contract.† During this month the customer is free to visit the property plot and one of our fully finished and furnished model houses.

Once a homebuyer signs a contract (which can be submitted to the Cyprus Department of Lands and Surveys, stating which one of the housing units is bought) and pays the deposit, the proportion of the covered area of the particular plot on which the house is built or is to be built, to the whole area of the estate, is free for the homebuyer to offer it to the financiers as collateral (mortgage).† Once the house is built and the customer fully pays the contract amount, the area of the house plot as a proportion of the total area is transferred to the customer, until a separate house title deed is issued by the Government authorities in the name of the buyer.† During this time the buyer/investor is free to sell the particular property to another investor/buyer.

The usual payment terms are : 30% in advance, 20% with the completion of foundations, 30% with the completion of the infrastructure and 18% with the delivery of the finished property.† An amount equal to 2% remains for six months or less in case the customer wants a transfer of the property earlier.

In case the customers want to have a visit before the signing of the contract, the Group arranges for them to be picked up from the airport, accompanied to the property for an inspection of one of our model houses where the customers can verify themselves the high quality of our finishes and location we describe in our information materials so that they know what they are buying.† The customers are then offered a meal and accompanied, if they wish, to our bankers for a financial facilities presentation.

Once a contract is signed, the homebuyer is offered two complimentary first class tickets to the home country.

The Group has made agreements with reputable suppliers and manufacturers of furniture, fittings, linen, electrical appliances etc. for our customers to choose from, at special prices, accompanied, if they want by a Group officer.† The Group officer is at their disposal to assist them in choosing the above or to make any feasible alterations to the plans if they wish.† Special arrangements can be made in the plans to cater for the needs of the disabled, at the customerís request.† In cases were the fully furnished model house meets the requirements, standards and tastes of the customer, the contract value can change to incorporate the inclusion of furniture, fittings, linen and electrical appliances.